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Spring into a Healthy Home

Mar 31, 2015 03:49PM

This winter seems to be long and lingering, but soon it will be spring (really)!  Spring is a great time to get your house in shape and to feel really good about how it looks by getting rid of what you truly don’t need or want. By decluttering your home of all that “extra stuff,” cleaning it becomes much easier and your environment becomes much healthier as a result.

A nice starting point for sprucing up your home is to take a step back and think about what you would want to do to your house if you were putting it on the market.  The end result is you’re left with a home anyone would want to live in, but you’re the one who gets to do that!

Spring is a time of rebirth and reinvention; why not do the same for your home? Sorting through things that have piled up and tossing or recycling unneeded items is a great way to minimize dust, which is especially helpful for those with allergies and asthma. Take a critical look at each room and decide what needs decluttering, fixing and refreshing as well as what needs to be donated and possibly replaced. Refinishing furniture, adding a fresh coat of paint to walls, and doing some general organizing are all inexpensive ways to improve your home’s appearance and make it a less cluttered and stressful environment in which to live. 

If you find the decluttering process to be difficult or stressful, seek the help of a professional organizer.  We leverage our skills to help you get “unstuck.” When you pare things down and set up your space in a pleasing and effective way, you can celebrate the items that are to be kept and create a happy and healthy home for your family.

Sherry Onweller, professional organizer, is the owner of Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry, a professional organizing company in New Jersey, offering customized organizing solutions to residential and business clients. She offers hands-on assistance with decluttering, downsizing, time management, help with managing volunteer projects, helping children to get organized and helping adult females with ADD to get organized and set personal goals. To learn more, visit or call Onweller at 908-619-4561.

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