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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

May 2015

May 11, 2015 03:57PM ● By Ana Rincon

May is women’s wellness month at Natural Awakenings and this year’s special focus is on two areas: breast health and natural childbirth. In “Giving Birth Naturally,” Meredith Montgomery discusses the benefits of home birth and birthing centers and how to plan for an unmedicated birth. We are also fortunate to have a feature by local midwife Lisa Lederer, who explains why a waterbirth can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience for both mother and baby. Her practice has delivered more than 1,000 healthy waterbabies since the year 2000. On page 25, Chandra Lattig, founder of Care for Moms, gives us an explanation of why postpartum support is essential for new moms; neglecting their own physical and emotional well-being during the delicate postnatal period can lead to infections, depression, and long-term physical side effects.

Our feature story “Rethinking Breast Health” (page 20) is a refreshing departure from the typical take on a subject that strikes fear in the hearts of so many women. While breast cancer is a serious topic that should be on everyone’s radar, the traditional emphasis on reactive—not proactive—breast care tends to take a woman out of the driver’s seat when it comes to her own health. Or as Dr. Christiane Northrup, an ob-gyn and author, so aptly puts it in our article, “It concerns me that women feel pressured to think of their breasts as two potentially pre-malignant lesions sitting on their chests.” Author Lisa Marshall lists several natural ways to keep the breasts healthy, gives the lowdown on issues like fibrous or tender breasts and breast implants, and explains how the breasts serve as a barometer for a woman’s overall health.

On a personal note, I want to share the wonderful experience I recently had on the Holistic Holiday at Sea, a weeklong vegan cruise in the Caribbean. In its 12th year, the cruise attracted more than 1,700 vacationers who signed on to enjoy eating and learning about a whole-food plant-based diet. In addition to the inherent fun of a cruise, the excitement of new destinations, and pleasure of meeting new like-minded friends, I was able to attend lectures on diet, nutrition, disease prevention, and macrobiotic cooking, practice yoga and Qigong, and eat like a queen. I recommend it highly.

Enjoy the wonderful spring weather coming our way, and a happy Mother’s Day to all.


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