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The Hypnotic Coach Book Release

Author and holistic practitioner Daniel Rose, owner of Advanced Care Hypnosis, with locations in Montville and Red Bank, New Jersey, and New York City, recently released The Hypnotic Coach: Combine Hypnosis with Personal Coaching to Create a Life You Love, a publication co-authored with John Koenig that’s been ten years in the making. It’s available from

Rose’s book introduces a breakthrough in personal development, combining conscious insight (personal coaching) with subconscious power (hypnosis) for those seeking success in their attempts to stop smoking, lose weight and achieve overall wellness as well as those pursuing career success, relationship satisfaction, and spiritual growth. A hypnotist for more than 30 years, Rose is best known for helping people to reach their deepest level of hypnotic trance, directly correlating to medical studies suggesting “greater states of hypnotic trance produce more effective results.”

In a recent interview, Rose said, “This book is dedicated to our clients. They honor us with their trust. They humble us by the transformations they create through the power of their minds.” In The Hypnotic Coach, readers find practical techniques that can be applied to any area in which they seek immediate, life-changing results.

To book a private or group session, a corporate event, performance, interview or book signing, contact [email protected] or call 973-402-6882.

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