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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

October 2015

Oct 01, 2015 12:26PM ● By Ana Rincon

This issue marks my five-year anniversary as the owner and publisher of the Natural Awakenings North Central NJ magazine. It’s appropriate that the editorial theme this month is Working Together, as I could never have produced the last 60 issues without the invaluable assistance of my staff and the support of amazing Natural Awakenings community.

I knew when I took over from Ellen and John Mooney in 2010 that managing the publication would be a challenge and great responsibility.  It has proven to be just that in many areas. But I could not have anticipated the learning that has occurred or the relationships that have formed over the last five years.

The magazine itself has grown from 11,000 copies per month to over 20,000 and from 48 pages to 52. We’ve introduced a digital edition, and new website, online calendar of events, and a web-based business directory. None of that compares, of course, to the people I’ve met or the new ideas I’ve been exposed to and ultimately embraced. Since taking over the magazine, I’ve lost weight, become healthier, and started dancing, creating art, and enjoying life much more. My closest relationships have changed; I’ve made new friends and shed connections that no longer serve me. Oh, and the information! I’ve learned about nutrition, channeling, natural remedies, veganism, the Law of Attraction, yoga, and the controversies over vaccinations, fracking, and GMOs.   Is this all due to Natural Awakenings? Absolutely!

Although most of the growth has been personal, I aim to keep improving the magazine. This month I’m introducing a new cartoon, “Rocks, Enlightenment without Getting Stoned,” by Perry Kroeger. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve also started adding some Conscious Business articles because in a well-rounded life, work is an important facet. Please let me know if you want these features to continue.

I am so grateful to the ever-expanding local Natural Awakenings community for embracing and supporting the magazine over the past five years. It is only through the commitment of our advertisers and distributors that a free community resource like this can exist and flourish the way it has. The purpose of this magazine is to inform, educate and inspire—to empower people to evaluate their options and take steps to make their lives happier and healthier. You make me proud to do this important work.


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