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Awakening Wellness Offers Holistic Coaching

Hilary Bilkis of Awakening Wellness, LLC, is pleased to announce that she is now a certified coach in the Holistic Manifestation Method, a simple five-step coaching system that gets you to the results you want most in any aspect of your life or career. The method’s Elegant Alchemy Healing Technique promotes a higher level of clarity and wisdom, allowing participants to see opportunities they never even knew existed.  Bilkis likens it to seeing your best pathway from the top of a mountain rather than wandering aimlessly through the woods.

Bilkis’ goal is to help women deeply reconnect to themselves and their own inner guidance so they can be free from negative mental and emotional noise, which often causes them to feel stuck in their life and may be a factor in their pain and illness. She blends light-touch bodywork and/or energy work with her own clairvoyant abilities and coaching skills to help clear the blocks that keep clients from experiencing peace and contentment.  She believes it’s coaching at its best, because with this powerful healing model, clients connect with their body’s wisdom to unlock and release old beliefs that have been deeply hidden from their consciousness but have been controlling their lives all along.

For more information and to schedule a complimentary 30-minute illumination session, contact her at [email protected]

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