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The Four Pillars for a Remarkable Personal Brand

Oct 02, 2015 02:09PM ● By Jamie Greenberg

First: Let’s Define Personal Branding

Personal branding is simply recognizing, developing and exploiting what makes you original, remarkable and relevant so you can stand out from others in your marketplace. It is much easier to do business when you have something that produces an exceptional result that no one else has. Now, let’s explore the four pillars that make up the foundation of your personal brand.

Pillar 1 - Vision!  Without A Vision You Can’t Inspire People

What is your vision for the world?

In the most utopian way, if people and businesses around the world would adapt and implement your ideas, philosophy and methodologies, what kind of impact would your ideas have on the world?

We call impactful leaders and business people visionaries. Why? Because to do something spectacular, you have to have a remarkable vision! Without a remarkable vision you don’t know where you’re going. You don’t see or believe in a future possibility. Most importantly, without a vision you can’t inspire people.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream—not a plan. He had a vision that other people accepted as their vision and that vision eventually permeated the mass consciousness of America. That vision birthed a revolution of change. It all started with a dream for a better world, a vision for something better.                               

Become a clear visionary. I am asking you to know and accept with absolute conviction, total expectation and complete faith that you are now going to plant your vision in the universal consciousness so that it can attract people who believe in what you believe!! This is how you “intentionally” create the reality you want.

Pillar 2 - Purpose!  - Your Purpose Must Support Your Vision

Your vision starts producing a great feeling inside of you before you are consciously ready to act on it. This is a signal and the seed of your personal transformation. It’s almost like your vision has a life of its own. You can’t stop it! It becomes so strong and prevalent in your consciousness that it’s now begging for action. Your vision is now birthing your purpose.

Your purpose now becomes your reason for being in this moment! It’s why you are inspired do what you do, now.

Now that you clearly see your vision, how does your purpose support your vision?

Pillar 3 - Passion! - Passion Fuels Your Purpose

When you passionately believe in what you do, you can inspire people to change. When you speak enthusiastically about your purpose and vision, people feel your conviction.  People listen because passion reeks of authenticity. Passion is belief. When you exude belief in your mission, you will immediately attract people who believe in what you believe.     

Passion fuels your purpose.  Your passion is the best-selling tool for your brand. People connect with a leader with a cause. They understand why you get out of bed in the morning to do what you have to do to make your vision happen. You know your vision and purpose is spot on when you can passionately talk about your business with love and conviction.

Pillar 4 - Values!  - Commit to Values That Enhance Your Lifestyle and Business

Your values and guiding principles support how you want to live in your business/life journey and transformation.  What are values?  My favorite definition is “Personal values are the views and ideals which an individual chooses to uphold, and they determine how that individual lives their life.” These values will determine and influence what actions a person chooses to take.

Your Personal Brand Review

  • Without a vision you can’t inspire people
  • Your purpose must support your vision
  • Passion fuels your purpose
  • Commit to values that enhance your lifestyle and business

Jamie Greenberg , CEO of A Brand YOU Way, helps entrepreneurs gain more clients by coaching them on how to brand and monetize their unique differentials using the A Brand You Way method and the Video Performance Makeover techniques. Connect with Jamie at

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