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Heart Disease Is Reversible. Let’s UNDO it Together!

Oct 02, 2015 07:56AM ● By Carole Reifsnyder, RN, HNB-BC Ornish Program Director

The Chambers Center for Well Being was the first site in New Jersey certified to provide The Dr. Dean Ornish Reversing Heart Disease Program™. This is the first program scientifically proven to reverse heart disease through significant changes in lifestyle. The Ornish Program is covered by Medicare and most commercial insurers with a qualifying diagnosis. These include recent myocardial infarction (heart attack) within 12 months, coronary artery bypass surgery, stent, valve surgery or repair, cardiac transplantation, or stable angina.

Participants meet twice per week in four-hour sessions for nine weeks. The sessions include monitored exercise, informative lectures while enjoying a vegetarian meal, group support, and stress management with restorative yoga.

Our delivery team of specialists includes a cardiologist as medical director, cardiac rehabilitation nurse case managers, an exercise physiologist, a yoga and stress management teacher, and a licensed clinical social worker, all working together to ensure that you have a safe and rewarding experience!

This program helps heal your body by:

  • Reducing the risk of a heart-related event
  • Decreasing the frequency and severity of chest pain
  • Lowering the likelihood of future heart surgery
  • Lessening your dependence on medications
  • Lowering your cholesterol, improving your blood pressure and helping you lose weight
  • Increasing your capacity for exercise

And it aids in healing your mind by:

  • Experiencing delicious vegetarian meals and discovering how to prepare them at home
  • Taking part in regular, fun 30-minute exercise sessions
  • Learning a range of techniques that will help you feel more peaceful and manage stress more effectively
  • Giving and receiving emotional support and unlocking the healing power of a community focused on living long, joyful and abundant lives
  • Continuing the experience through alumni support groups and online communities

The program runs with groups of 10 to 12 participants. Since April we have had four groups graduate with great outcomes! The average weight loss is 10 pounds over the nine-week program.  Participants increased their exercise capacities and reported more energy and an improved quality of life. Gary (pictured above) is off all medications, and Frank no longer has chest pain and walks two miles a day!

We are enrolling participants for the following upcoming groups:

  • September 28–November 30, Mondays–Wednesdays, 3pm–7pm
  •  October 14–December 18, Wednesdays–Fridays, noon–4pm

For more information or to enroll, call 973-971-7230 or visit



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