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Yoga Classes for Expectant Moms and New Mothers and Babies

Prenatal yoga provides a beautiful gift for expectant mothers by offering a gentle form of physical activity that helps pregnant women with the many changes their bodies are undergoing at this time in their lives. Yoga for new moms and their infants gives them the time to connect, relax and feel the love in their hearts for each other. The School of Royal Yoga, 57 Main St., Chester, offers both types of classes in a gentle, loving environment, and each class offers benefits that are twofold:

  • Physical benefits – For moms-to-be, yoga helps with posture throughout pregnancy and stretches the entire back to relieve discomfort. When the muscles are stretched and relaxed, energy is increased and pressure around the spinal nerves is relieved. Sensitive back muscles, hips and shoulders become more open and flexible, while fluid retention is relieved. Expectant moms also learn positions that may be helpful during labor and delivery while strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. Mother and baby yoga classes provide gentle stretching for both, correct breathing for moms, and yoga poses together and alone.
  • Mental and Emotional Benefits – Many women continue to work until their delivery date and carry on with everyday responsibilities while trying to adjust to changes in their bodies and their family structures. Prenatal yoga teaches breathing techniques that calm both body and mind, offering a priceless gift before, during and after delivery.  Beautiful visualizations in every class increase confidence and awareness. Mother and baby classes offer participants (moms and their babies from six weeks to crawling) the chance to relax and bond. Most importantly, they afford new mothers the chance to nurture their bodies while spending peaceful time with their babies — and babies love being around others of their own age!

Whether you’re expecting a child or have recently given birth, these classes offer peaceful and healing benefits to participants. Why not try one?

For more information, call The School of Royal Yoga at 908-879-9648 or visit

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