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Waterloo Village Hosts a Forgiveness and Inner Freedom Retreat

We often say “ouch!” when we stub our toe or someone runs over our foot with a shopping cart in the store, but we rarely ever use this simple word when our heart is wounded, our feelings hurt, or our life altered by a painful experience. The importance of recognizing that pain, however, allows us to acknowledge that the worst pain isn’t always physical and offers the chance to move toward forgiveness and healing. On Saturday, November 21, Waterloo United Methodist Church, on the grounds of Waterloo Village, Byram, will sponsor a retreat, from 9am to 3pm, that explores forgiveness and promises to release an inner freedom through the process of letting go of the anger, sadness, and other inhibiting emotions associated with “the ouch” so participants can move on. People of all ages and religious beliefs are welcome, and a light breakfast and vegetarian lunch will be provided. An offering of $30 for the retreat is requested; net proceeds will benefit A Future with Hope Foundation, dedicated to providing Hurricane Sandy relief.

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