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Don't Fall In Love with Your Own Marketing

Nov 06, 2015 10:13AM ● By Jamie Greenberg

Even good conscious marketers get anxious when they have to market themselves. And for good reason. A marketing concept that doesn’t connect with your market will fall flat. Don’t fall in love with your own content, branding and marketing until you get feedback from a professional marketer and people in your target market. I promise, you will end up with a much more successful product with objective feedback.

Don’t Sell...Inspire!

Many think of marketing as pushing yourself on other people, awkward socializing, and having frivolous conversations. On the contrary, effective marketing is standing in your truth and telling people why you do what you do. The “why,” the inspiration behind what you do, creates the reason why people want to buy your expertise or product.
When you’re able to communicate what moved you to serve and inspire others with your product, you will see a heightened interest in what you have to offer. People buy when they are inspired by what you do.
When you educate people about the inspiration behind your product or service, it doesn’t feel like selling! When you market through inspired education and enlightenment it feels like you are helping a potential customer make a powerful buying decision.

Fully Understand Your Customer’s Needs & Behaviors

Sometimes, being in business requires a slight compromise (or massaging, as I like to put it) between your extraordinary Big Idea and your target market. It’s important to know who will believe in what you’re offering and figure out ways they can hear about it. No matter how in love you are with your extraordinary Big Idea, in the end, your customer wants to know, “What’s in it for me?”

Test Your Idea with Your Target Market

More than likely, your initial Big Idea needs a little tweaking before it’s totally spot on for your target market. Not until you’ve been interacting with your target audiences’ forums, competitors’ blogs, meet-up groups and seminars will you fully understand their needs and behaviors.

It is only then that you can begin to massage and tailor your extraordinary Big Idea so that it marries seamlessly with the needs of your target market. You have to have the right bait for the right pond! This is the most important marketing strategy when you’re developing your product!

Understanding Your Market Needs Increases the Success of Your Product

Learning about your market’s concerns, problems and likes helps you focus on what you can give to your market as opposed to what you can get from them! Too many people complete their product development before they really understand the needs of their target market. What sense does it make creating a product unless you’re absolutely sure your target market craves it? When you demonstrate to your clientele that you understand their challenges and give them the steps required to succeed, you will show up like a beacon of light on a pitch dark night and step into a powerful way of manifesting your purpose.

Marketing YOU is the ART of Engagement!

It’s the art of the relationship between you and your marketplace. All successful relationships require good listening. Take the time to embrace and mingle with your audience. When your ideal clients know you are listening—ready to provide solutions to make their life easier and more joyful—they will become repeat buyers and remain loyal customers.
Listen to your market and you will understand exactly how to serve them with the right products.

Jamie Greenberg, CEO of A Brand YOU Way, helps entrepreneurs get more clients by coaching them on how to brand and monetize their unique remarkability using the A Brand You Way program and the Video Performance Makeover techniques. Connect with Jamie at [email protected] or 973-998-9058. Visit

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