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New Jersey’s Holistic Lifestyle Television Show

Laurén Laurino, a holistic health advocate lovingly known as Dr. Ren, “America’s Holistic Sweetheart,” has just celebrated her one-year anniversary hosting Think Healthy with Dr. Ren, a public access program airing on Union TV 34. Dr. Ren earned that sobriquet volunteering in the event production unit at the New York Open Center, the largest holistic urban learning center in the world.

A New Jersey native, Dr. Ren recently interviewed our publisher for an episode that will be airing this month highlighting Natural Awakenings as a nationwide resource. Specific fun facts about this edition were shared that you need to know about!

Dr. Ren shared her plans for the future: “My big audacious goal in the works to pitch for 2016 is to host a daytime talk show on holistic subject matter. Since energy is transmutable and transferrable, I believe the fastest way to activate the planet is through conscious media. Like Natural Awakenings, my intention is to educate and empower people regarding alternative health modalities and sustainability.”

If you have a business aligned with soul expression and holistic living, Dr. Ren wants to hear from you. Email her at Booking[email protected] For links to her program’s video archives, visit

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