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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

April 2016

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we’ve packed this issue with ways to improve our lives and planet by greening our daily activities. The sustainability movement is growing in America, and usually starts with small steps taken at home. In “Everyday Sustainability” on page 32, Natural Awakenings profiles people who have taken just such steps, from incorporating more organic non-GMO food, to switching to non-toxic cleaning products, to cycling instead of driving. I’ve noticed that this has happened at my home without much effort at all. Simply by becoming aware, I now naturally gravitate to buying greener products, consuming less, and recycling more. Each bit counts.

We also profile some young people who are making larger strides toward sustainability. “A Greener Shade of Youth” on page 41 will make you proud of what our teens and college students are accomplishing.

While I’m not a gardener, I’m quite inspired by some of the old-fashioned fruits and vegetables described in “Edible Heirlooms” on page 25. If you are gardener, or would like to become one, this is the time to plan and prepare for your garden. Even if I choose not to grow my own food, I will experiment with some of the recipes. Not only are the heirloom varieties delicious, but many of them are higher in nutrients than mass produced types.

Spring is traditionally a time for house cleaning and I will be doing a lot of it this year. I highly recommend Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In our interview with Kondo on page 40, she shares some tips for getting and staying organized. Her prescription for extreme purging sounds drastic, but I believe it can be life changing. And maintaining a lifestyle of simplicity contributes to our common goals of sustainability and life balance.

Welcome spring!

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