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American Academy of Sound Healing, Metaphysics, and Music Opens in Randolph

Marco Dolce, sound healer, multi-instrumental musician, gongmaster, performer, acclaimed recording artist and producer, has opened the American Academy of Sound Healing, Metaphysics, and Music. The academy’s courses will be held at the Dharma Portal in Randolph, a teaching and healing space available to the holistic community, convenient to Routes 80 and 287 and an hour’s drive from Manhattan. Classes are open to those who seek to become a full-fledged gongmaster or singing bowl healer; wish to integrate sound healing into a current healing or spiritual practice, such as massage or reiki; or have been called to the path of the sound healer or sound shaman.

Dolce created the academy to impart his love and knowledge of sound healing and sound metaphysics. He has drawn on decades of experience to develop a series of courses designed to teach participants how to use the commonly available tools for sound healing: gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls, tingsha, tuning forks, and the human voice. Most importantly, his courses offer a solid understanding of the fundamental nature of sound energy and its effects on the mind and body. Even if you have taken other courses or certifications in sound healing, you may learn concepts at the American Academy of Sound Healing taught nowhere else.

Classes are forming now for Fall 2016 and beyond. Detailed course descriptions and registration information can be found at

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