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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions with Hypnosis

Jan 15, 2017 06:17PM ● By By Lana Dykes

Barry Wolfson

If you’ve ever wanted to make sustainable changes in your lifestyle to create a more fulfilling existence, hypnosis may be just what you’re looking for. Barry Wolfson, director of the Hypnosis Counseling Center, offers his insight into the benefits and extraordinary capabilities of hypnotherapy.

NA: In your experience, is the New Year a popular time to begin hypnotherapy?

BW: Yes; it’s become as predictable as the New Year itself. Many people are calling to set up appointments to utilize hypnotherapy to help them overcome some of the obstacles and challenges in their lives. Usually it’s for smoking cessation or weight loss, but the common theme is that they want to create positive and healthy changes in their lives. I also get questions about the effectiveness of hypnosis and ease their anxiety about starting hypnotherapy. Each year, many folks choose the New Year to make a new start.

NA: Why do you think it’s so hard for people to keep their New Year’s Resolutions and how can hypnosis help achieve these goals?

BW: It’s not that they don’t want to make the changes—they are usually very sincere. The problem lies in toughing it out alone using sheer willpower. However, many of the resolutions involve long term habits and are difficult to change without help. That’s where hypnosis comes in: it’s all about behavior modification.

NA: Why does hypnosis work while other methodologies don’t?

BW: Hypnosis is an “alpha” state of mind, which is a dreamlike state similar to yoga and meditation. During a session, I use my voice to put the client into a very relaxed state and then plant positive suggestions for change. Additionally, I make my clients individually customized audio CDs for them to listen to on a daily basis. These CDs reinforce what’s done in my office and help clients practice daily in order to enhance their chances for permanent success. While not everyone succeeds, a great many do. If a client falls back into old habits, the old adage “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” works well here. Sometimes, it takes a few attempts to attain permanent success, especially with addictions such as cigarettes and nicotine.

NA: Are individual sessions the only way to work with you?

BW: No. Clients can also see me in group classes for smoking cessation and weight loss in a variety of different adult schools, YMCAs and fitness clubs and corporations throughout NJ and PA. These classes are less expensive but not quite as effective as individual counseling. However, often this is good way to get a taste of what hypnosis is about. Even though hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958, some folks still have misperceptions about what hypnotherapy really is.

NA: How do clients attain lasting weight loss through hypnosis?

BW: Studies show that hypnosis is the leading and best way to lose weight and keep it off. Clients learn to eat healthy satisfying meals get to your ideal weight and maintain it for life. They can accomplish all of this without drugs, fad diets, dangerous herbs expensive meal plans or special foods. The only tools needed are your own mind and the desire to succeed.

NA: What about smoking cessation?

BW: Through hypnosis, people can safely stop smoking without anxiety, weight gain or mood swings. Smoking addiction is one of the strongest and most difficult to break. Hypnosis can eliminate cigarettes for your life finally and painlessly.

Barry Wolfson has helped thousands of clients attain their goals and successfully change their lives for the better. The Hypnosis Counseling Center offers both individual and group counseling with offices in Princeton, Flemington and Livingston, NJ as well as Philadelphia, PA. Its specially designed programs have been offered at Fortune 500 companies.

To find out more about hypnosis therapy, contact Barry Wolfson at 908-303-7767 or visit

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