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Thought In Motion: A Journey Into Happiness

Imagine a place where you can learn to find happiness within yourself, where skilled thought coaches assist you on your own inner journey using music, motion with focused intention, videos, beautiful and inspiring focus tools, and fun experiential lessons that uncover your creative side to design the life you’ve always wanted.

      This unique learning experience is exactly what Jaye Regincos had in mind when she created Thought In Motion, a full service Thought Energy school where students gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their inner beliefs, and how thoughts and emotions truly manifest in life.  “After many years of practicing what I was intuitively taught, first with my own life then with my client’s lives; I found that helping to recreate lives with new and exciting results became the new standard,” explains Jaye.

      Since 2003, Thought In Motion has been helping students using a science and mind system that is fun, exciting and results driven. Various classes and workshops, as well as ManifeStations, which are fun experiences that help students learn how to train their mind to learn new thought patterns that align with what they want to create in their life, are available. A trained thought coach also stays connected throughout the journey as the student learns new ways to consciously choose their thoughts, and ultimately, their life.

      “When I started working with Jaye, my life was upside down. For many reasons that seemed to escape me. Within a couple of weeks, it was like someone took a blindfold off of my eyes. I started seeing what ‘I’ had to do with my life being upside down. That has changed everything.” – Kim B., CT

      Thought In Motion’s focused lessons and concepts help create a truly personal journey. With multiple programs to choose from, it’s easy to find the one that feels right and fits your needs.

      To learn more, Thought In Motion offers a free 30 minute experience to newcomers. Call today to schedule an appointment, and see what this unique training can do for you.

Location:  Thought in Motion, 127 Valley Road, Montclair. For information, contact Jaye at [email protected] or 973-826-0367. See ad on page 3.

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