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Tapping into Theta: Children Learn to Use Theta Brainwaves to Clear Their Life Path

Jan 30, 2017 07:32PM ● By K. P. Tarbell

We all have different kinds of thought patterns on the genetic level as well as beliefs that have been passed down to us from our ancestors. These thought patterns, or programs, can form the root cause of much of our physical, mental, and emotional suffering. If we are all born as pure, vibrant energy into a world that is often laden with stress and negativity, as ancient wisdom dictates, how do we learn to tap into our own depths to open ourselves to wholeness? One way is learning to work with the Theta frequency of our own brainwaves.

                Brainwaves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from neurons communicating with each other within the brain. There are five types of brainwaves. The Infra-Low waves are extremely slow and underlie basic brain function. The Beta wave is our normal waking state. The Alpha wave is dominant during quiet flowing thoughts. Gamma waves are the fastest and enable the brain to process information. The Delta wave is slow and is generated in deep, dreamless sleep. The Theta wave occurs mostly in light sleep and meditation. It is the frequency where programs that are imbedded into our cellular system are stored and where our intuition can be accessed.

                Thetahealer and teacher Reshma Shah is well known for her work with ThetaHealing®, a mind, body and spirit technique that uses meditation and prayer to change thought programs that are not working for an individual. This form of meditative prayer accesses the Theta wave to help release limitations, and free those of all ages to excel and evolve
in life.

                “I absolutely love to work with children. ThetaHealing gives children the right tools to navigate their inner compass,” states Shah. “With ThetaHealing, children learn to clear their path early in life which eliminates the detours of pain and suffering that many adults have taken. By finding their true potential early, there is less stress, less trauma at a younger age, and fewer destructive behaviors, which might lead to substance abuse. Labels such as ADD and ADHD could be rectified.”

                Working with Theta brainwaves also helps enhance intuitive abilities and tap inner strength. These invaluable tools to live by can greatly enhance a child’s life and preserve the beautiful innocence of childhood. “I think when you work with children, you’re taking care of the next generation” reflects Shah.

                Many people also find ThetaHealing helpful in alleviating health conditions and addressing life challenges. Reshma Shah offers classes and private in-person and Skype sessions to those who want to learn and have a life changing experience with ThetaHealing.

Basic ThetaHealing Class on March 3-5. Reshma Shah Meditation and ThetaHealing®, 208 Lenox Avenue, Westfield. For information call 908-264-4344 or visit


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