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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Letter from Publisher

Joe Dunne


The Wheel Turns and We Turn with It


It’s 2017 and cars are about to drive us by themselves. The largest real estate company in the world does not own one single piece of property. Malls and our largest retailers are in a panic as the Internet continues to eat away at the world of shopping. The colonization of Mars is in the near future of the human race.

                Life, Mother Earth, and the universe continues to change. The one constant you can count on is change. IBM’s Watson super computer now reads and stores the entire Library of Congress in moments with instant retrieval of every word. Robots and artificial intelligence look and act too real to imagine. Systems are recording and storing scary stuff. What that future looks like, the change ahead for our children and grandchildren, is mind blowing.

                Technology in the medical world is advancing with blinding speed. Smartphones and other devices can take various life threatening indicators before you even reach the hospital. Communicating with your doctor’s computer from your wrist device has arrived. Again, change is the constant in life. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, good and bad—the one constant is change happens. Change in the future will have a dramatic effect on world population, which in turn will impact the food supply. Already crickets for human consumption are on the market, not only for their protein value but for the reduced water needed to bring them to market. Insect abundance coupled with their small environmental footprint, tells me they might become a staple food of the future.

                Which brings me to my point. All the things we think are important: nutrition, yoga, meditation, oxygen therapy, mindfulness, organic food, natural products, proper soil treatments, banning chemicals in our food, protecting our water supply, etc., have been changes for the good. Although slow, most have now reached main street (or at least two streets over). I have been waiting 40 years for this knowledge to be accepted:  that what we put in our body matters, that supporting our cells with micro nutrient enriched foods strengthens our immune system and helps guard against disease. This awareness is now gaining ground, and that’s a very good change.

                Harvard studies are also confirming the health and mental benefits you can achieve through meditation, and mindfulness. In the world of zoom, slowing down, being smaller, enjoying the moment has turned out to be good. Slowing down as you eat is now being accepted as beneficial to the digestive system and general health. How come it took us so long to recognize this? Time, they say, takes time.

                Technology has allowed us to spread the word and make ever expanding connections. What was “off the charts” a few decades ago is now becoming “common sense.” 

                Watch your footprint; take good care of yourself; treat people, the planet, and the environment with respect. With this in mind, hopefully, we can be a change for the good of the future.

With peace, love and laughter,



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