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The Illusion of a Barren Love Life

Jan 30, 2017 07:27PM ● By Lisa Caroselli

Whether your love life is empty or in transition, you have every reason to expect love. No part of life is truly empty. Underneath, you have within you all you need to bloom fully. Your urge to grow in a loving relationship is not your personal desire, it is life asking for permission to love through you. Even if your soulmate is not standing in front of you, they do exist. Your job is to open up to receive them.

                If you doubt love, look at the trees. Sometimes a tree’s branches are empty, and yet you have no doubt that new leaves will grow. Everything that the tree required for it to grow was in the seed. The green buds behind the dead leaves tell you that letting go lets the new bloom. Empty branches are an illusion. Pick an apple, and more grows back.

                So what does this have to do with you? You may be embarrassed that you are single and feel exposed and vulnerable. Perhaps you think you don’t have what it takes, or that attracting love is too much work. The truth is that you are no less equipped than the trees. The only difference is that you have self-awareness and can choose to ignore the call.

If attraction is hard work, you’ve interpreted attraction as trying to compel or fool some unwilling party to notice you. What is true is that the real you automatically attracts the right person, flaws and all.

                If you feel negatively about love, there are a few strategies to turn some common issues around. If you tend to say things like: “I haven’t dated in years” or “I've dated all the wrong people,” start prefacing your complaints with “up until now…” This soothes the need to express without projecting it onto the future. If you feel embarrassed to be single, remember that relationships don't guarantee happiness. However, a happy single does attract happy relationships. Acknowledge the dates you have had as clarifying experiences. Dating is what you do until you’re off the market. If finding love leaves you feeling exhausted, keep your heart open to grace and ease. The Universe likes to surprise us, especially when it comes to love.

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