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Healing Your Body: The Road Less Travelled

A monthly series by Alan Steiner, DMD.

Have you ever had a “gut feeling” or said to someone just “trust your gut” or “go with your gut”? These types of phrases are common in our language. For example, saying “the nerve” or “the gall” uses physical identifiers to describe behavior. These sayings reflect more than a link between our emotional/intellectual processes and physical organs—essentially, they are diagnostic.

                The phrase “the gall” tells us that, on a deeper physical level, the person may be suffering from an excess of bile in the system, a congestion of mucus, fats and metabolic wastes, acidic build up in the blood, organs and nervous system. This heat-producing build-up can sometimes present as a “hot temper.” Ultimately, if not balanced through dietary and lifestyle changes, it can lead to pain, disease, and possibly premature death. Over time, ignoring this congestion may earn it a medical label, and following mainstream treatment options can result in a fortune spent chasing and treating symptoms.

                Many people spend years suffering and living in a diminished state while the root of the problem is never addressed. Dietary change, deep bowel and organ cleansing can often remove the metabolic congestion and reverse acid imbalance. Unfortunately, our modern system of medicine doesn’t search for the deeper roots of dis-ease, and treatment options tend to be “fast food/fast medicine” rather than a natural approach that works with the body. Having lost touch with the brilliance of our own bodies, we no longer remember how to guide it back into balance.

“All illness begins in the gut.”  ~ Hippocrates

One of the fastest growing surgeries in Western medicine right now is gall bladder removal. The gall bladder is an integral and critical part of the digestive system, and while gall bladder attacks are excruciatingly painful, the condition which leads to the attack is reversible. Dietary changes combined with professionally supervised internal and natural organ cleansing programs can restore balance enabling one to avoid expensive and unnecessary medical procedures.

                Today, we are suffering from a plague of gut-related issues. Toxic waste build-up, parasites and leaky gut syndrome are being virtually ignored. Eventually toxic congestion builds to the point that the symptoms are then given names: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, dry mouth, dry skin and inflammation of every description, to name a few. In some cases, these “symptoms” are then bombarded with even more toxins, which in the end may destroy the patient.

                Treating symptoms is a big business and there is a lot of money being made from human suffering. Today, I suspect Hippocrates might not like the title “The Father of Modern Medicine.” His approach was breathtakingly simple—clean out and heal the gut first and the patient will return to his natural state of health.

                My own healing journey has shown me that dis-ease is a stern teacher and does not allow any deviation from this truth:  Internal physical balance (homeostasis) begins with elimination, removing the things that are making you sick and correctly balancing the things that will restore you to health. You cannot eat a poor diet and then throw vitamins and super-foods on top and expect to heal.

                It is never too late to get started and get healthy. And remember it is easier to stay healthy than it is to get healthy.

                Coming soon: “Correct Natural Hygiene” and the 10 energy enhancers. Plus, how to put you body into an environment that allows for it to heal itself.

Dr. Steiner practices holistic dentistry at Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Denville. 973-214-7565.


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