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“Frankly speaking” – spirituality for the street is a different kind of blog. Its voice reflects life out here for all of us: different yet together, a stretch dreadful yet ecstatic, boring yet creative, conflicted yet blissful, and endlessly more. Author Joe McCarthy, writing under the nom de plume, John Frank, is confident that each of us is trying to get somewhere, somehow beautiful and good – Heaven, Nirvana, The Omega Point, Cosmic Oneness. “frankly speaking” is about having a zippy, zesty, flat-out, go-for-broke, high-octane spirit – a spirituality for the street as we make that journey.

      There is no pretense in “frankly speaking” of absolute truth, of reality nailed down tight. Rather, sharings are offered in support of energized spirits. Those sharings are drawn from many “spirit-sources” – Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Judaism, Native American religion, and Frank’s home tradition, Christian. No one has it all, and all have it!

      Join the conversation which Frank freely shares from a myriad of ways, traditions, and persuasions in the same spirit. His hope for us all, and all of Creation, is bliss in Oneness as we lovingly share our lights on the way to Enlightenment.

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