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Cats Can’t Cook!

In an experiment with over 900 cats, spanning a ten-year period from 1932 to 1942, Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., fed several generations of cats raw food, and the others a cooked, canned, bottled diet. At the time, he was looking for a way to prevent chronic disease, mitigate acute symptoms, and maintain good health.

       He was ahead of his time, and although his solutions were time-consuming, difficult and sometimes dangerous, the results proved significant. The family of cats fed raw food had very good health, as seen in their dental, structural, reproductive and integumentary systems. Each had gentle personalities, (no scaredy cats in this bunch!), shiny fur, straight spines and no disease. They bred easily, and had great bone structure and density.

       Cooking the meat (and whatever else is in canned food) created an altogether different result.

       Cats fed a cooked diet stopped reproducing by the fifth generation, and suffered with degenerative diseases similar to humans. They had skin irritations, allergies, anxiety, hypothyroidism and parasites. Their bones were soft and spines were curved.

       What would create such opposite results? One major factor is the loss of enzymes through the cooking process. Bodies require enzymes to release the energy found in all living things.

       The Pottenger experiment serves as a reminder that all food and food preparation is not equal, and that our pets not only need a full body of nutrients, but the enzymes to release those nutrients, to thrive. Although most might find feeding their cats a raw fish, meat, eggs or milk diet to be difficult, providing additional support for your pet’s dietary needs can be as simple as adding supplemental food enzymes to their diet.

       Digestive formulas that are safe for animals are available online and through some veterinarians and nutritionists. Enhancing your pets diet will help them sleep, play and stay healthy!

Location:  Denville. Susan Richter, RN, Nutritionist, CCH, LDHS, has 30 years in private practice, specializing in Alternative Medicine, with focus on diet, digestion and lymphatics. To learn more about Enzyme Formulations visit 973-586-0626.