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Crafting Resilience + Luck

Richard Wiseman, Ph.D., set off a media blitz when he declared that we can enhance and amplify our ability to “be lucky.”  So much so, that the BBC in England created specials around his work and his book, The Luck Factor, soon followed.

        His research can be distilled into four principles that anyone can mirror:  Maximizing Chance Opportunities; Listening to Hunches; Expecting Good Fortune; and Turning Bad Luck into Good. While these are not necessarily new ideas, pulling it together with awareness and deliberate practice turns it into a strategy. 

        Beth Tunis agrees. Her unique work as an Inspired Transitions Coach helps clients plug into the meaning behind the words they use every day which allows them to breakthrough, stretch, and unblock limitations to stimulate the movement of its energy.

        “The devil is in the details,” states Tunis. “By learning the caveats, for even common techniques like listening to one’s lucky hunches, and visualization, anyone can craft a more powerful personal plan.”

For more information, contact Beth Tunis, MA, LMFT. Inspired Transitions Coach at 973-577-6921 or [email protected].


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