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Kiss Your Health Hello!

Susan Richter

Sometimes you have to take it to the next level. This is not only true for the body and mind, it’s also true for changing locations. Susan Richter, RN, Nutritionist, CCH, LDHS, is pleased to announce that she is now seeing clients in her new office in Denville.

        With 30 years of clinical experience using drug-free treatments, Susan applies physiology and basic science to determine the body's source of stress (nutritional, structural, emotional and/or environmental).

        “I love watching my clients discover what superior health feels like,” states Richter. “Seeing someone who arrives tired of being chronically ill, overweight, or sleepless, begin to thrive through an individualized program that includes enzyme nutrition, dietary alternatives and lifestyle recommendations is wonderful!”

        She invites all to take their health to the “next level” and experience the energy a boosted immunity, normalized metabolism and elimination of body toxins can make.

Location: 166 Franklin Road, Denville. Contact Susan at 973-586-0626.


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