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ADD/ADHD Support Without Drugs

Dr. Kaminski will present “Bringing Out the Gifts of ADD/ADHD” on Thursday, July 20, 6:30 p.m., at the Caldwell Public Library, 268 Bloomfield Ave., in Caldwell.

ADD/ADHD is typically characterized by impulsivity, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity – characteristics that make it hard for those with this trait to reach their highest potential. Dr. Kaminski considers ADD/ADHD to be a trait which contains many gifts and talents, not a disability. When well-managed effectively, those with ADD/ADHD have accomplished extraordinary successes, but if undiagnosed or untreated, ADD/ADHD can wreck lives.

Recent studies indicate that the use of medication to help manage ADD/ADHD is on the rise, yet many people with this trait prefer a holistic, alternative approach. Dr. Kaminski has been caring for the ADD/ADHD population for many years and now, combined with a strengths-based approach, is further able to identify the unique gifts inherent in everyone to help each individual achieve their full potential.

Dr. Tammy M. Kaminski is a Certified SHINE Doctor trained by world-renowned ADD/ADHD expert Dr. Edward Hallowell. SHINE, Special Help Integrating Neurological Experience, is a certification course for wellness chiropractors that focuses on care for children and adults labeled with ADD/ADHD traits.

“Dr. Hallowell has stated that having ADD/ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine for a brain, but with bicycle brakes,” says Dr. Kaminski. “I strengthen the ‘brakes’ of children and adults with ADD/ADHD while reconnecting their body and mind to further tune-up their ‘engines’ [brain].”

To reserve your seat at the presentation, contact the library at 973-226-2837 or [email protected]. For more information call 973-228-6624 or visit


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