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Frome Physical Therapy Expands to Asbury Park

For over 30 years, David and Rebekah Frome, owners of Frome Physical Therapy, have dedicated their lives to helping others to become healthier, stronger and pain-free. They are pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Asbury Park in addition to their centers in Matawan and Montclair NJ.

Frome Physical Therapy is a holistic wellness center grounded in Western medicine with a deep commitment to holistic health.  Their specialties include Five Element Acupuncture and The Rolfing Technique of Structural Integration. Conditions related to health for men and women including fertility, sports injuries, low back and neck pain, cancer and post-surgical recovery, emotional health and mental illness are well within the scope of their practice. David Frome specializes in pediatric developmental disabilities, and Rolfing for babies and children.      

“Rolfing is helpful for people of all ages,” states Rebekah. “For example, one of my clients was 80 years old when she started Rolfing. She described herself as moving with an ‘an old ladies gate and I am only 80!’ She complained about getting a pain in her hip after a short walk, but after completing the Rolfing sessions, she reported she could now walk miles without a twitch. She also said that the morning stiffness and body aches that she’d always attributed to aging were gone!”

Frome Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping clients improve health and realize their full potential. Discover what their care can do for you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 973-509-8464 or visit


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