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Healing Through Sound Vibrational Massage























Did you know that your body absorbs sound? We listen to music with every cell of the body, in addition to the random chaos of sound streaming in. How to we bring it all into harmony? Karuna Ma, a Sound Shaman and licensed massage therapist, understands well the challenge and welcomes all to experience Elemental Sound Healing, a type of “vibrational massage” which provides true relief for the senses.

        This scientifically proven method can help alleviate the discomfort that most of us encounter simply by living in this modern era—the suffering caused by sensory exhaustion, eating and sleeping disorders, attention imbalances, emotional “stormy weather,” and more. Through Elemental Healing you experience the current of energy which your body then learns to use. The results are profound—deep regeneration and repair of the brain, better sensory performance, stronger sense of self, emotional safety, and an incredible feeling of lightness. 

        “The 18 years of this work has shown that me that the power to heal comes from your own center of life,” states Karuna Ma. “The fire to change your life is already burning and all levels are engaged in the process—mental, emotional, and physical. That’s why I named by business Hearth Element.”

Location:  29 Glenn Ridge Ave., Montclair. 917-216-8184.


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