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Turning Back the Clock for Healthy Aging

Aug 29, 2017 11:58AM ● By Rebekah Frome

Alan, a 50-year-old man with an active lifestyle and no significant health issues explained to me that he had caught sight of his profile in a store window and not been happy with the reflection. Although he moved spritely and did not look like anyone would be able to push him over without a fight, he had lost something in his stature and movement. Alan felt old.

         Aging is not something reserved just for the over 50 crowd. While our bodies do change as the years pass much of the change is due to how stress and trauma manifest in our physical structures. Injuries, illness and surgeries can set into our structures creating imbalances and limiting movement.

Turning back the clock

Alan wanted the younger version of his body back. The version before the ski accident and broken leg, the messy divorce, the herniated disc and 25 years at his desk job. These experiences had left Alan with physical remnants which had become part of his posture and movement. He came to our office hoping that we could help him reclaim his youthful, vital self.

         Many aspects of aging are determined by the loss of movement. Movement of the spine, ribcage, diaphragm is necessary for us to take a full breath. Movement is also necessary for the exchange of fluids to nourish and eliminate waste from our bodies. Healthy aging is reliant upon movement.

         Fortunately, our bodies can be remodeled through a unique and transformational process known as Rolfing. During a Rolfing session the connective tissue wrappings of muscles are lengthened and repositioned. As areas of tension and holding are released the body gains length and freedom.

         After receiving Rolfing, Alan looked longer and more expansive which translated to an appearance of strength and confidence. His stature once again reflected the vital and energetic being that resided within. As mobility was restored his movement became fluid and easeful giving him a more youthful and relaxed appearance. The tension in his neck and shoulder muscles softened allowing him to hold his head high and lead with his heart. Friends commented that he appeared younger and he reported that he slept more soundly.

         Rolfing is a profoundly effective technique for restoring youthful movement and enhancing well-being. The gentle, sustained pressure applied on soft tissue during a session releases chronic tension and bracing. As a result, hydration is restored, energy is liberated and mobility is gained. Over the course of ten sessions a gradual transformation occurs as the relationships of the head, spine and extremities shift toward a more integrated whole. Additionally, the gravitational forces support the entire body.

         Perhaps the idea of aging should bring on images about quality of life rather than physical decline. Rolfing is an incredible tool for preserving a healthy and strong body!

Rebekah Frome is an Advanced Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistant, who practices in Montclair and Asbury Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 973-509-8464 or visit

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