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Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life

Aug 29, 2017 12:21PM ● By Kaille Padgett

At first glance, Mas Sajady is an unassuming and seemingly “normal” avid outdoor enthusiast, a computer programmer and father of six children. However, his story is quite remarkable. He has also had two extraordinary Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and today, he travels the world sharing his unique knowledge, insights and Medihealing® abilities with others.

         According to Mas, he has always been intuitively gifted. Like many others, he tried to hide or ignore his highly intuitive nature so he could “fit in.” It is for this reason Mas strongly advises parents to support children who have similar affinities. It literally took Mas two near death experiences to awaken and embrace his abilities.

         Mas’ first NDE occurred in his early twenties when he was crushed in an industrial accident while at work in a warehouse. Suddenly he realized he was looking at his body from above, and he ascended to a higher plane. However it was not his time to transition, and upon returning to the physical world he noticed immediate changes in his perception of reality.

         “Besides the broken jaw and excruciating pain, it was the best experience of my life. The beauty, peace and love present during this experience can never compare to anything we have on earth at this physical level,” says Mas.

         After this experience, his natural intuitive abilities were heightened exponentially and he was able to sense future events and the internal physical, mental and emotional patterns of others.

         Mas’ second near death experience occurred in 2006, when he clinically drowned while on vacation with his family in Belize. While tubing down a river in the rainforest, he was forcefully pulled into an underwater cavern and pinned far below the surface for over 8 minutes. After fighting to escape, he eventually was outside his body, ascending yet again into an even higher realm of consciousness where he discovered being limitless. When he later woke on a pile of rocks, he noticed he could see the frequencies that make up our world. This NDE opened Mas to the higher levels of awareness and consciousness where remarkable healings can and do happen.

         To clarify, Mas says he does not have the power to heal; rather he acts as the “conduit” for what he refers to as Pure Source energy to manifest transformations from a higher energy field. These fundamental shifts can impact anyone›s physical, emotional, financial or spiritual health, and all areas of relationships.

         Although his abilities have been compared to religious figures, a transformational session and/or Medihealing with Mas has no religious significance. It is spiritual in nature. It is for this reason that Mas’ diverse community consists of clients of all faiths and beliefs.

         Today, Mas has been likened to some of the most well known spiritual teachers in history. His special gifts he has received allow him to tap into a higher intelligence he refers to as Exponential Intelligence (EI) and share the knowledge of how to live a beautiful, abundant, and authentic life. Mas works at the core vibrational level to create dramatic life changes in all areas of our lives.

         According to Mas, when people are connected with their core energy or Pure Source at such a deep level, they can access Exponential Intelligence and transform their lives dramatically and instantly. Everyone is capable of achieving EI fulfillment on their own, but Mas empowers people to connect with these higher energies in a faster and more efficient manner. By working with him, people can be guided quickly to create a life in total alignment with who they really are so that they feel secure and powerful within themselves the abundance that›s naturally and rightfully theirs.

         Mas shares “Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life,“ on a daily basis to tens of thousands of people worldwide through online and in-person Medihealing and presentation events.

         Mas emphasizes the importance of being totally self aware within one›s own body, and frequently shares the reminder to ”Notice What You Notice.” He explains that appreciating the fine details within your body and surroundings accelerates your ability to transform your reality. He calls this full-spectrum transformation ”360 Degrees of Abundance,” and people report that in as little as five minutes working with him their lives are transformed.

         Mas gives the credit for these positive changes to the people themselves and explains, ”We are all created with the instincts to be abundant in all ways. It›s our birthright. I just help reconnect you to your divine blueprint.”

For more information on Mas and his work, visit his website at Mas is participating in The Wellness Gala as both a speaker and display participant.

Bio: Mas was a successful computer programmer who survived two near-death experiences and emerged with extraordinary intuitive and healing abilities. Today, Mas shares his gifts daily with tens of thousands around the world. He has also developed a powerful technique he calls Medihealing® which combines the proven benefits of meditation with potent healing frequencies to enhance and elevate individual’s core frequencies, empowering them to transform and establish 360 degrees of abundance in all areas of their lives.



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