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Preparing for a Psychic Reading at the One Spirit Festival

At One Spirit Festival, the very experienced readers are proficient at connecting with Spirit, aka God. They work equally well with your Spirit Guides and are capable of connecting with your loved ones who have passed to Spirit if they are available.

For an efficient reading, it is best to bring a focus for your inquiries or even specific questions. It will make the most of your time. No matter your concerns, recognize that you have free will and the guidance that is given through the reader is yours to keep or discard as you wish.

Use your appointment time wisely. If you have a strong feeling about something you should be doing, trust yourself. Opportunity may be knocking at your door, but you may not believe you are hearing it correctly. Take the leap of faith and ask what’s next.

If you experience chills at information you receive from the reader you have chosen, know that it is the body’s instinctive reaction to truth. Trust it!

Always make sure that any choice you make feels good in your gut, your solar plexus, the body’s largest psychic organ. It is known as the second brain because of the presence of over 100 million neurons. If a choice or connection is not in your Highest Good, you will probably feel queasy. If it’s right, you’ll feel happy.

The One Spirit Festival also has interesting vendors, healers, practitioners and lecturers. The fall festival will take place on September 23 and 24.

Location: Clinton Community Center, 63 Halstead Street, Clinton. To book your appointment, visit Contact organizer Christina Lynn Whited at 908-638-9066 or [email protected] with any questions.


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