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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Keynote Healer at the Wellness Gala: Mas Sajady

Following two near-death experiences, Mas Sajady was gifted with the ability to identify the real reasons people face obstacles in their lives. He then helps people access their own power to heal with rapid, tangible and documented results. Mas transforms lives using his program called Medihealing, described as “meditation on steroids.” Experience this powerful healing technique with Mas at the Wellness Gala in Parsippany on Sunday, October 8 at 12:15pm.

        The event includes a presentation, demonstration and guided Medihealing. Mas will also be available for Industrial-Strength Group Healing (IGHs) sessions during the day. The cost to view Mas’ keynote presentation is $50, which includes the cost of general admission ($20).

        Mas explains, “When you change your frequency, you change your life. When people are connected with their core energy at such a deep level, they can transform their lives dramatically and instantly.” Everyone is capable of achieving this, but Mas empowers people to connect with these higher energies faster and with more efficiency.

The Wellness Gala thoughtfully hand-selects a group of experts in the fields of health, beauty and wellness and offers mini-sessions, demonstrations and workshops. Sessions are available in areas such as anti-aging, nutrition, weight loss, massage, stress management and more.

Location: Sheraton Tara Hotel, 199 Smith Road, Parsippany. To register, call 973-713-6811 or visit For more information, visit


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