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Autoimmune Symposium

Jan 23, 2018 04:39PM ● By Lana Dykes

When traditional western medicine failed to heal her daughter Courtney’s deadly autoimmune hepatitis, Denise Otten took matters into her own hands. When she saw the whites of her daughter’s eyes yellowing, the thought that a seven-year-old could have hepatitis didn’t cross her mind. The next five years were an odyssey of drug therapies at a renowned pediatric hospital in New York City. After many doctors prescribed ineffective medicines, Denise became fed up. Desperate to help Courtney, she began to pursue holistic treatments. Weeks of research led to different doctors with antioxidant protocols which, when combined, led to Courtney’s full remission in only 3 months.

        Denise believes that the vitamins and nutraceuticals helped change Courtney’s cellular structure, which in turn balanced her immune system and helped her heal. Wanting to share her holistic knowhow with the world, Denise wrote the book, “Curing Courtney: Doctors Couldn’t Save Her…So Her Mother Did.” After struggling with Courtney’s life-threatening experience, she decided to become a Holistic Health Counselor and now helps many people heal their autoimmune disorders.

        Empowered with a strong vision of her own, Denise asked Deb Peterson, Founder and CEO of the Wellness Gala, to collaborate with her. Together, they have created the rare opportunity to learn about and experience holistic healing remedies first-hand. 

        On Sunday, March 11 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., join Denise and many other speakers for a day of holistic healing remedies that can benefit the immune system. Participants will learn about general health and wellness through mini-sessions with experts in the fields of massage, aromatherapy, nutrition and more. The keynote speakers are Dr. Burt. Berkson, MD, PhD, who will be speaking about Alpha Lipoic, and Mas Sajady, who is gifted with the amazing ability to open any area of your life. Additionally, there will be two guest speakers, Dr. Lorraine Maita and Christopher Stepien, DC. Enjoy the speakers, shop with unique vendors, listen to live music and enjoy refreshments. A cash bar is also available. The cost for this event is $60 in advance or $70 at the door.

Location: Knoll Country Club East, 990 Greenbank Road, Parsippany. For tickets and information, call 973-713-6811 or visit


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