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Intuitive and Spiritual Development Class Beginning in June

Have you ever had a gut feeling? Maybe you have a curiosity and desire to explore your gifts? At Blossoming into Light, in Chester, we offer a class, taught by Reverends Sue Freeman and Leslie Treloar, in which participants can explore their intuitive and spiritual gifts in a safe space. Each weekly class includes a discussion, guided meditation and exercises geared to assist you in developing trust in yourself and the information you are receiving. Topics of discussion may include the psychic senses, auras, chakras, ascension, tools to raise your vibration and more. The Intuitive and Spiritual Development class is available on Monday evenings, as well as Wednesday and Saturday mornings beginning in June.

       Sue is the founder of The Art of the Heart where she has taught this class for nine years. Teaching and guiding others has been an unbelievable blessing for her. Leslie, the founder of Blossoming into Anandha, has a gentle way of helping others in opening up to their gifts and has a passion for sharing tools, ideas and inspirations with her students.

       Together, Sue and Leslie formed a partnership called Blossoming into Light, focusing on assisting others in self-mastery. Blossoming into Light is an oasis offering classes, events and consultations designed to help raise consciousness as well as shift into the divine blueprint. 

Location: Blossoming into Light, IWC, 401 Route 24, Chester. For more information, call 862-222-4268, email [email protected] or visit



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