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Artificial Sweeteners Hinder Weight Loss and Wreck Your Health

Apr 25, 2018 07:49PM ● By Kathy D’Agati

Everyone knows eating sugar causes weight gain, diabetes and other health problems. That’s why many people switch from sugar to artificial sweeteners, believing the zero calorie sweeteners are a healthier alternative. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

        Why do artificial sweeteners cause so much damage to the body? Exposure to the chemicals in artificial sweeteners creates changes in your gut bacteria, or microbiome. An imbalance in your microbiome causes dysbiosis, which leads to inflammation. Common inflammatory disorders include obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Additional complications can include autoimmune disease, allergies, IBD, cancer and cardiovascular disease. An unhealthy microbiome causes people to get fat, sick, anxious, tired and depressed.

        Since diet drinks don’t contain sugar, they don’t cause the body to secrete the hormone insulin. Insulin both lowers blood sugar and reduces the appetite. Studies show people who drink diet sodas end up eating more food, consuming more calories and eventually developing obesity.

        In a new study, published in the highly-respected journal JAMA Neurology, reveals that for those who drank one or more artificially sweetened sodas a day, the risk of stroke was almost tripled, with a similar finding for Alzheimer’s risk. This is especially important because when it comes to strokes as well as Alzheimer’s disease, modern medicine offers little hope for patients.

        French researchers published a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on the health effects of artificial sweeteners in relation to diabetes. They found that those who drank sugar-sweetened drinks had a 34% increase risk of type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, the women who drank artificially sweetened beverages had more than doubled that risk of developing diabetes.

        Luckily, you can rebuild a healthy microbiome by making healthier food choices. Junk food, like those with artificial sweeteners, feeds the bad bacteria and allows them to proliferate. Fresh, whole foods like wild caught fish, cage-free eggs, grass-fed/pasture-raised meat, plant-based fats, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables feed the good bacteria. Fermented foods and probiotics are also great building blocks.

        The more you understand how bacteria in your microbiome affects your genes and predisposes you to either good health or chronic disease, the more power you have over your destiny.

        Be kind to your gut microbes. They can change your life.

Kathy D’Agati is Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and a Certified Gluten Practitioner. Her company is Back to Basic Wellness. Kathy’s programs are designed to give you the support and guidance you need to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. She specializes in food intolerances, acid reflux, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, persistent weight gain and autoimmune disease.

For more information, call Kathy at 866-222-6490 and go to Take the diet evaluation quiz and schedule your free follow-up consultation to discuss your results.


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