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ROLFING®: Anti-Aging Therapy for Women











As we age, our fascia, or connective tissue, tends to dehydrate and becomes tougher, creating stiffness and rigidity in the body. During and after menopause, collagen further weakens in the connective tissue of the body. Weak tendons, ligaments, veins and arteries increase the likelihood of strains, sprains and unstable joints. Lifestyle habits and injury can cause our internal flexible “wiring” to become over-extended or out of kilter, resulting in chronic joint pain, sore muscles, postural change and restricted movement. Rolfing quickly restores the body to its most efficient form to enable full ease and freedom of movement. It improves a person’s posture and balance, while releasing tension, alleviating chronic pain and restoring energy. Patients feel noticeably freer and more vibrant after only ten sessions!

        Named after its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing® is a specialized method of bodywork that works with the connective tissues, the body’s internal flexible scaffolding, which permeates the entire body. Rolfing works on this complex web of connective tissues to release, realign and balance the body as a whole. Instead of viewing the body as a collection of separate parts, Rolfing treats the body as an integrated whole with connective tissues surrounding, supporting and permeating all the muscles, bones, nerves and organs.

        Ed Hemberger, a Structural Integration (SI) Myofacial specialist explains, “Many women come to the clinic complaining of pain or issues with balance which are usually related to underlying instability. They may have had no history of these issues until menopause. Rolfing helps create stability throughout the body so the body is better able to support itself. It helps with the sprains, strains and injuries, which are all tissue injuries.” Rolfing helps with the stiffness that starts to accrue after the age of 40 and it increases range of movement and energy levels. Rolfing can realign scar tissue while also healing any torsion or misalignment caused by that scar. Hemberger adds, “If we start to live in and enjoy our bodies more through Rolfing, our attitude to the process of aging will be a lot more positive. Most people say they feel more grounded or connected to the earth and that they feel more present in their lives.”

        Patients report feeling taller, looser and more open, with less cramping and tightness in the shoulders and back after the first session. The first seven sessions focus on different parts of the body, like the legs and feet, or aspects like balance, the connection between the spine and legs, and instability in the head, neck and jaw. The last three sessions are tailor-made to your own needs, working on particular areas where movement is restricted, all building towards closure in the tenth session.

        Each session typically lasts 60-75 minutes and can benefit anyone from athletes and ballet dancers to children. Many clients report that the therapeutic effect of Rolfing carries on working long after the course of treatment has ended. 

        The benefits of Rolfing include reduced pain and discomfort in the body, greater flexibility, improved posture, improved sports performance and resilience to future injury. Clients leave with an enhanced sense of whole body awareness and new movement possibilities, more energy with greater “get up and go,” stronger emotional boundaries and a sense of feeling more comfortable in one’s skin. The results of “The Ten Series” are long-lasting and easily maintained. Consider Rolfing to heal and restore your body to its perfect, natural balance.

Ed Hemberger LMT, ART, Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration, and Dr. Thomas Findley MD, PhD, Certified Advanced Rolfer, have offices in Boonton and Livingston, New Jersey and Manhattan, New York. For more information on Rolfing and to make an appointment, call 973-462-3112 or visit




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