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Simplify Your Wardrobe: with Everyday Organizing Solutions

Aug 29, 2018 08:59AM ● By Sherry Onweller

Imagine being greeted each morning with an enticing and well-organized wardrobe. This doesn’t have to be a dream. However, to make it happen requires letting go, and that can be a challenge for many. Holding onto old clothes thinking they may come back into style may sound practical to one’s mind, but emotionally the energy of the past is taking too much room from today. The key is setting a vision and goal for how many clothes to have and how to keep things organized.

          The first step in organizing a wardrobe is being realistic about quantity of clothing needed and the amount of care required. Start by considering typical wear for a week and month for work, home, play and social activities. Next, write down the days of the week and list what types of clothing are generally worn and how often. Now offset that with how often you do laundry. (The more often you do laundry, the fewer of each type of garment you need.) The final list will be similar to this: 7 pairs of jeans, 8 to 10 casual shirts, 5 to 8 dressy shirts, 5 to 8 sweaters, 5 pairs of capris, 5 pairs of shorts, 3 skirts, 5 workout outfits and 3 bathing suits. Naturally, your list will be different as you add and remove categories that reflect your wardrobe needs and tastes.

          To organize closet and drawer space, take a step back and decide which closet areas and drawers should contain certain categories of items. Putting underwear, socks, pajamas and workout clothes in bins on closet shelves or in dresser drawers usually works well. Hang clothing by type, then subtype by length and by color. For example, for bottoms, hang shorts first, then skirts, Capris and then long pants. Within each category, sort from lightest to darkest color. Use the same methodology for tops, sweaters and dresses.

          In sorting through the items, make sure to have a designated donate and toss pile and be brutal when considering each clothing item. Ask yourself if you like how the items make you look, if you have duplicates of the item in your wardrobe and if you feel good in each item. Don’t hesitate to toss or donate something that isn’t even liked anymore.

          As you go through your closet, keep a running list of items missing from your wardrobe. Having a specific list of needed items in your phone, purse or planner will help make shopping more purposeful. Knowing that all of the clothes in your closet and drawers fit you and are useful will help bring harmony to your wardrobe and your life.

Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry provides sympathetic and nonjudgmental organizing, de-cluttering and time management services to residential and business clients. Sherry also specializes in helping female adults with ADD get their physical space and time management in order, and with helping children and teens to get organized. For information, contact Sherry at [email protected] or 908-619-4561.


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