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AMP Yoga Studio in Springfield

Aug 29, 2018 09:07AM ● By Rosie Lazroe

AMP Yoga Studio is a bright, spacious yoga studio, located in downtown Springfield. Upon entering the studio, a peaceful energy enveloped me, and I immediately felt at ease. Natural sunlight streamed in through the windows of the roomy practice space, which is decorated with crystals, beautiful shades of blue and green, and a gorgeous mural on one wall. There are plenty of high-quality yoga props for students to utilize and music playing though a sound system. I spoke with Ginny Colarusso, the owner of AMP, who says, “AMP has several meanings to me, but its main purpose is to amplify your soul and allow you to evolve and transform.”

          Ginny explains, “A big reason why I opened AMP Yoga Studio was to create a wellness center with focus on yoga. I would like to bring various healing arts into to the yoga community, such as reiki, massage and past life regression.” AMP offers a variety of yoga classes, from Gentle Yoga to Heated Flow. They focus is on using yoga as a transformative tool to evolve through the principles of Asana, Mantra and Prana (AMP).

          Ginny became interested in past lives and past life regression (PLR) at age eleven, when she began having dreams about being in other places and times. She says, “I have studied past life regression extensively since the age of 21 and was ecstatic to become a certified regressionist five years ago.”

          AMP offers 60-minute PLR sessions, in which Ginny can help heal her clients based on the issues they’ve encountered in their past lives. She explains, “PLR has brought healing to everyone that I have worked with in some way or another. Each session is unique and you never know what’s going to happen. For example, through past life regression we can find out why we have specific health issues in this life.” She doesn’t incorporate PLR into regular yoga classes, however she does enjoy integrating a deeper meditation, which brings students into a state of near-hypnosis and profound relaxation.

          While Ginny was initially trained in an Iyengar and Sivananda style, she added Core Strength Vinyasa and Power Yoga to her repertoire. She tells us, “I personally teach a blend of those focusing on strong alignment of the spine throughout the practice.”

          Helping the community heal themselves through holistic practices is what inspired Ginny to share her gifts with the public. She explains, “I was once diagnosed as infertile at age 34. The woman who diagnosed me said I would need IVF and have to rely on drugs to have children. I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years and the experience of being diagnosed as infertile made me go deeper into the chakras and meditation aspect of yoga. Through yoga, reiki, massage and acupuncture, I became a mother of two without having to take medication.”

Location: AMP Yoga Studio, 223 Mountain Avenue, Springfield. For more information, check out our Calendar of Events or visit


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