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Wellness Center with New Approach Opens in Ledgewood

With construction completed, Deep Wellness Center, a highly anticipated wellness center, opened its doors in late January. This landmark event completes founder Naresh Mehta’s lifelong vision to establish a harmonious new standard for holistic therapy. All are invited to attend its Grand Opening on Saturday, February 16.

         Established by pharmaceutical executive Naresh Mehta, MS Pharmacy, and his wife, Deepali Mehta, DHMS (Homeopathy), RN-BSN-BC, the high traffic location takes a holistic approach to clients’ optimal health, combining the best science-based natural products with accomplished wellness therapists.

         Deep Wellness Center will display innovative, natural medicines in a contemporary retail setting with personalized consultation specialists focused on education and training. In addition, private therapeutic consultation and treatment rooms are available for wellness practitioners to build their practices such as reiki, ayurvedic, aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, and other wellness areas.

         “Deep Wellness Center will lead the way in today’s natural health landscape. We believe in understanding clients’ health goals and guiding them to natural products and therapies that puts them central to their health equation. We welcome wellness professionals that share this vision” says Naresh Mehta.

         “There is too much ‘self-diagnosis’. I believe in guiding, inspiring, and providing clarity on a personalized level so clients can achieve their optimal health goals confidently,” says Deepali Mehta. “We believe Deep Wellness Center will be the health cultural center for our area.”

         Interest remains high among growth oriented therapeutic wellness professionals seeking to expand. Wellness professionals can call 866-319-0605 or visit for more information.

Location: 1070 US 46, Ledgewood. Wellness practitioners can call 866-319-0605 or visit for more information.



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