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Spring the Energy Body into Motion

Feb 26, 2019 06:13PM ● By By Rosie Lazroe

Take a moment to sense the space surrounding you. Imagine that your physical body is the nucleus within a cushion of unseen energy that radiates effortlessly from within. This cushion of energy around the physical body is called the auric field, or energy field, and some people believe that it is just as real as our physical form.

        The idea that we all have a bubble of energy surrounding us can be an abstract concept to grasp. However, some yogic lineages believe that a person’s energy field is quite real, and contains thousands of invisible energy pathways called nadis. The nadis work with the chakra system, both of which originate at the spine and flow outward into the auric field. As information comes to us from the outside world, it filters through the nadis and chakras, and is then redistributed back out into the world around us.

        I believe that when yoga postures are practiced mindfully, they can keep both the physical body and the energy body healthy. A good visual is to imagine the breath as the conductor of this process. As we hold postures that stretch the spine, we can breathe life into the muscles and tissues. Each breath we take as we settle into a posture invites fresh oxygen into our system. This combination of stretching and breathing also opens and clears out the energy pathways known as nadis and chakras.

        Just as yoga postures promote proper flow of synovial fluid within the joints, they also help to promote proper energy flow throughout the body. Years ago, Guru Singh, a kundalini yoga teacher, gave me a cue during a class when he said, “stretch into your body glove.” I love the image of breathing vital life force energy into my auric field each time I reach, stretch and settle into a yoga posture.

        Sun Salutations have given me an opportunity to be creative with tapping into my auric field. With each sweep of my arms and torso, I imagine literally dusting off any stagnant energetic debris from around my body. I take up as much or as little space as I feel called to, and I envision breathing both oxygen and prana into my system.

        I invite you to have some fun during your next asana practice by exploring the feeling of becoming radiantly contained within a strong, bright aura. Namaste.

Rosie Lazroe is a certified yoga teacher and master reiki practitioner. For more information, contact her at 732-596-7384, [email protected] or visit




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