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Natural Shamanism

Mar 30, 2019 03:28PM ● By Janet StraightArrow

Shamanism is a path of service to the planet, her people and the community. Shamans are people who dedicate their lives in service, answering a spiritual calling of service. Their spiritual focus is inclusive of the mind, body, emotions and soul.

          As the original holistic healers in traditions around the world, they are also known for their ability to heal themselves. Connecting with spirit and the spirit in all things awakens meaning to life and helps us to understand ourselves better. Today, people continue to practice shamanism in order to support healing and spiritual awareness and growth.

          The main purpose to pursue shamanism is to learn and heal through a direct connection to the spirit, soul and spiritual guidance. The shamanic journey is a way to accomplish this. Nature, animals, seasonal and life cycles and all of life on earth and beyond are honored as an important part of shamanic practice. Learning with an experienced teacher allows a person to safely travel, learn, discern, heal and discover the truth on many levels. It is also a way to uncover one’s own path of service and purpose.

          Shamanic traditions vary. Some use drums, rattles and gongs to move into the subtle shamanic realms. Natural products like sage, stones and feathers are also used for cleansing and healing. Some use breathwork in order to move into a deep connection. Each tradition offers its own unique perspectives.

          There is no need to use drugs for a natural shamanic experience, as when we achieve a true spiritual connection, we awaken bliss, happiness, amazing visions and higher truth and love.

          A natural shamanic practice should be used with an open mind and loving heart focused on being of service to all. Explored with pure intent, Shamans create a sacred space to connect, heal, learn and grow. Shamanism is a precious natural way to awaken, heal and be.

Janet StraightArrow discovered her shamanic calling in 1992. She has studied with Native American, Tibetan, Celtic, Toltec and Siberian Shamans as well as shamanic practitioners at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. For more information on shamanism and soul shamanism, and to view her upcoming training and retreat schedules, visit



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