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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

Pollinating Madison for Mental Health Awareness

Madison High School students, Girl Scouts, senior citizens, interfaith organizations and the Madison, NJ community at large are turning their Optimism into Action by participating in “Pollination”—the collaborative public art project with artist and Optimist, G. Riley Johndonnell (a.k.a. Uncle Riley), where they will be creating a community garden of 100 flowers hand-painted on 10-inch round yellow discs. On the back, they will be writing their ideas for how to brighten Madison. These optimistic ideas will be shared with the mayor’s office as the garden “pollinates” the front lawn of the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building on May Day (May 4).

         This public art project is part of a larger, town-wide initiative called “Madison INTOyellow” which will be taking place May 4 to May 11. Madison INTOyellow is an annual, free, week-long series of arts, educational and social events that support and celebrate local community mental health resources in honor of National Mental Health Month. All events are programmed with the shared intention to shine a light on the stigma of mental health and inspire community connection through collaboration and creativity.

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