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Affordable Quality Water at Home

There are three things needed to sustain life: air, water and food. Like clean air and food, having clean water is vital to stay healthy. Tap water may be convenient, but the highest standards for quality filtration are not used. Traces of heavy metals, prescription drugs and chlorine may still be present, and in some areas, fluoride is even added. Bottled water is expensive and is not practical for cooking or washing. Plus, last year alone, over 60 billion containers ended up in landfills.

         “My concern about water quality and the environment led me to explore options,” states Jessica Coco. “I wanted something efficient and affordable, and found it in MultiPure. I was so impressed with the product, and how clean the water tasted, that I also decided to become a distributor.”

         Coco explains that MultiPure is a solid carbon block water filtration system that is NSF certified to reduce a minimum of 64 contaminants. It also carries a 5-stage reverse osmosis system that eliminates over 82 contaminants. “The company has been in business since 1970,” reports Coco. “Also, year after year Consumer’s Digest votes their water filtration systems as ‘a best buy; providing the best performance and best warranty for the least money’ so I feel really good about sharing this with others.”

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