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A Brave New Brain: How the Instrument of the Mind Really Works

May 25, 2019 10:30AM ● By Dr. Don Joergens

The brain is made up of two halves, near mirror images of each other, much like the right and left hands and feet. Unfortunately, clinical teachings often choose to view this miraculous organ as a whole, instead of two separate parts. With this in mind, physicians and other health professionals diagnose and prescribe treatments from a whole-brain model as opposed to recognizing that our brains are actually functioning and communicating through the body as two self-governing half-spheres. However, this neglects the fact that the brain is divided so that humans have a greater chance to survive.

          If the two-sided brain grants greater survivability, then it must also be able to create more powerful states of healing in order to ensure that life continues. This opens up the door to a new world of understanding and healing, for both the brain and the body, in greater, more natural ways. An understanding of the brain in this way is a vital step in enhancing daily life and reducing or completely eliminating suffering.

          Today, the doctors and therapists who choose to assess the human being using this deeper intelligence of how the brain operates are discovering unequaled success in treating conditions such as ADHD, sensory processing disorders, post-concussion syndromes, balance disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, cognitive thinking and more. When the two-sided brain isn’t working together properly, a person may find themselves unmotivated, unhappy and bombarded with negative thoughts. In realizing that there is an imbalance in the brain, a professional can repair and re-empower normal functionality. When areas of the brain are in a strongly dynamic balance, people are able to perceive the world around them, organize it and respond in more constructive ways.

          Essentially, a brain of two sound halves dynamically balances itself within the stresses and experiences of the external world, as well as its own internal thoughts and stimulations, and has the opportunity to enjoy all the possibilities of life.

          How can a health professional bring the two sides of the brain back together into a dynamic, strongly balanced relationship? Those learned in this science can define the underactive or overactive areas and give simple but specific movements of the eyes, body, automatic reflex actions and various gentle drives to the involved regions, immediately creating change. This positive bridging begins to lessen the gap, thus restoring higher capacities and health. Within a short period of time, along with continuing progressions to strengthen and balance the disconnected brain, a person can begin to heal.

          From this incredible vantage point, doctors can design beneficial, individualized and effective programs for their patients. For example, a doctor might design a routine that may include high intensity circuits, yoga or Pilates. Detailing the exact type of breathing, frequency and duration to strengthen the exact portion of the nervous system, as well as very specific dietary guidelines, will help clients maximize their healing. By viewing the brain as two separate parts working together, a person can begin to take control of their health and facilitate lasting and positive change.

Dr. Donald Joergens, D.C., (ret), FBt, founder of Functional Brain Training, has been an innovative thinker for over 25 years. His proprietary developments and patent using the discoveries of cutting-edge functional neuroscience, reflect his powerful belief and vision in the inclusion of functional brain-based methods to potentiate the lives of all people.

Location:  The Functional Brain Training center is located in Rockaway, New Jersey. For information, to schedule a free phone consultation or to set up a talk, call 862-777-8612 or email [email protected].



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