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Become a Certified Hypnotherapist

For those interested in helping people make the changes they desire to live happier, more fulfilled lives, consider the fascinating field of hypnosis. With the general public becoming more mind and body aware, the need for hypnotherapists increases every year. As a Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists, Susan Lembo, of Effortless Hypnosis, is offering a ten-day certification course starting in September.

      Hypnosis uses guided imagery and progressive relaxation to bring people into a relaxed and receptive state of mind where they are open to suggestions that will allow them to make changes in their behavior and reach their goals. It’s like a reboot for your subconscious mind.

      This is a comprehensive, practical certification offered through the largest and oldest hypnosis organization in the world. It is a 100-hour course, with 75 hours spent in formal training and practice together, and 25 hours of documented self-study and practice. After successful completion of the course, graduates will be qualified to practice as a hypnotherapist. 

      Susan also offers personalized tapping and hypnosis sessions customized for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, pain management and more. 

Location: White Oak Center, 283 Sparta Avenue, Sparta. For more information and to register, call 908-246-3096, email [email protected] or visit or




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