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Crystology & Yoga

Jul 26, 2019 04:36PM ● By Rozie Lazroe


The use of crystals during yoga and meditation is gaining in popularity. On my crystal-healing journey, I have been blessed to collaborate with Anita Shukla-Accardi, who holds a master’s degree in crystology and pairs people with their complementary crystals throughout the tri-state area. Shukla-Accardi graciously shares some of her knowledge below.


Which crystals might be good to use during yoga/meditation?

While I could suggest a few specific crystals that might enhance one’s meditation practice, I am more inclined to ask questions first. Crystals can and do have a powerful effect on one’s experience, but the effect is more of a collaboration or relationship. Before choosing a crystal, a practitioner could benefit from reflecting upon what challenges her as she steadies the body, quiets the modifications of the mind and connects with the wisdom of the collective mind.

What do you mean by “a collaboration or relationship”?

What we experience as “feeling something” from a crystal is the interaction of our electromagnetic fields with those of our crystals. This relationship can begin when you see a crystal and are mesmerized by its beauty, feel it tingling in your hand or feel like laughing or crying in its presence. Your experience is a field interaction and an indication that you all may have some good work to do together.

Do you mean that my energy field will merge with that of the crystal?

When we are in a relaxed, receptive state, our fields can entrain (or sync) with that of the crystals. This synchronization translates to a more optimally functioning energetic body and, consequently, a more resilient physical body and a clearer mind.

What types of crystals do you often recommend?

There is certainly an abundance of information regarding the vibrations held by particular crystals. If one is challenged with respect to grounding (being in the body), I often suggest black tourmaline, red tigers eye, ruby, red jasper or shungite. A few really calming and soothing stones I use and recommend are blue calcite, lepidolite, amethyst, moonstone and fluorite. For spiritual connection, my absolute favorite stone is ulexite. I also love and recommend selenite, lapis lazuli, super seven, kyanite, larimar, faden quartz, all hues of tourmaline and moldavite. I could go on, but I won’t.

          My hope is that you can find guidance from those who share knowledge, while opening the door to communicating and working with them to co-create the harmony and balance you deserve.


Rosie Lazroe is a certified yoga teacher and master reiki practitioner. For more information, call 732-596-7384, email [email protected] or visit




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