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Balancing the Emotions with Eden Energy Medicine

Jul 26, 2019 04:42PM ● By Lana Dykes

Eden Energy Medicine is a modality that looks at nine different energy systems, one of which is the Five Rhythms. Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as the five elements or five seasons, the Five Rhythms (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) pulse through and imprint all the body’s energies. A person’s primary Rhythm informs the way they move through life, how they relate to others and what their strengths and challenges are.

        While everyone is influenced by all the Rhythms, one or two are dominant in most people. Their Rhythm will affect everything from the type of food they like, physical characteristics, emotional strengths and vulnerabilities and what is important to them. The Rhythms relate to each other in a dynamic way and, when those relationships are out of balance, it can affect one’s ability to function effectively.

        Karen Adamo, owner of RedTail Energetics, has seen how stuck or scrambled Rhythm energies can have a negative effect on her client’s ability to think creatively and manage life stresses. For example, one person had recently received a negative review at work. She found that the Water, Wood and Fire Rhythms were out of balance and the relationships of Water-Fire, Fire-Metal and Metal-Wood were weak. Since the stress emotions of Water are fear and despair, Wood are anger, frustration and irritation and Fire are panic and anxiety, it’s clear what state they were in!

        During the 90-minute session, she strengthened and reconnected the Rhythms and gave him self-care work to do at home. The next day, he reached out to let Karen know that he had thought of several solutions to improve himself at work and, rather than being depressed, he now had a positive desire to “win.” The balanced emotions of Water are courage, belief and hope, Wood are assertiveness and confidence and Fire are joy, passion and connection.

        Another example of Rhythm imbalance is a client who was experiencing stress and overwhelm from various temporary life events, both past and upcoming. Among other things, Karen found her Water, Fire and Metal Rhythms to be out of balance. She was not able to move forward to resolve problems and feeling resentful and out of control as a result. She was not able to let go of what was no longer serving her or come up with any creative ideas to change the current situation. After balancing, Karen gave her self-care homework: play more! Within a week, she let me know that things were much better, she had thoroughly enjoyed her family event and was feeling excited about having finally finished a closet clean-up job she had started several months before.

        The connection between the Five Rhythms was mapped by the Chinese thousands of years ago and is still relevant today. Eden Energy Medicine techniques can find and correct these imbalances easily and effectively.

Location: RedTail Energetics, 412 Liggett Boulevard, Phillipsburg. For more information, call 908-752-0097, email [email protected] or visit



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