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Reshma Shah

Kudos to our own Reshma Shah, who was recently recognized as a “woman who brings change and uplifts the community” by Ladies Of All Nations International (LOANI). Shah’s contribution focused on the betterment of children, uplifting special aid kids, and helping women find empowerment through identifying their strength and power through self-love and interdependence.

        LOANI’s main mission is “connecting various cultures and uniting together of nations around the world, every language, every tribe, every clan, every culture, every diversity and every individual community coming together for a great cause.”

        Shah’s expertise as a business owner and ThetaHealing practitioner and teacher are key strengths she brings to her work with LOANI and her community. She describes her core value in this way, “We are all the same at the energetic level; if we embrace this instead of differences, we can accomplish major positive change.”

For information, call 908-265-4344 or email [email protected].



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