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Listening to Me

Sep 05, 2019 12:00PM ● By Joe Dunne

Joe Dunne

Thinking positive, they tell me, is a decision that turns into work. It starts with paying attention to me—to how I see think and how I talk. I do know it is all about my practice of thinking and paying attention.  

When I think about being positive, I think about how you see me here and perceive me as a person. How I want to be as a person and how I want people to perceive me is important to me. Improving who I am matters to me. I must admit, making progress on all the aspects of being the person I want to be is sometimes hard. But living life with no guilt; with a purpose; with a desire to do the right thing, make the right choices and make a difference; matters. 

It does bother me though that we hear so much about what is wrong with one person or one group—when those on the radio and TV are so focused on what is wrong with this or that and never get to what is good, right or what might just have potential. Right there is the goal—to see the good, seeing the good first, to think positive rather than to go negative. It sounds easy on paper and implementing it can be a difficult process but the “always negative” alternative stinks.  

To help me stay on track with myself and how I interact with others, I draw from my collection of words and phrases that are meaningful to me. As you know, I always start with gratitude, but my list doesn’t stop there.

 Here are some of the thoughts that come when I’m listening to me: 

Appreciate waking up

See the good in everything, in everybody

Loving life

Actions with good purpose





Service to others 

Happiness—thinking about it

Spiritual deeds, actions and practices


Trust before not trusting

Correct thinking

Making a difference

Being kind




No judging


Taking complements gracefully

Watching my ego

In peace, love and laughter,

Joe Dunne

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