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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

177 West Mill Road
 Long Valley, NJ 07853

At Ethos Primary Care, we care.

That’s why we are raising the standard of care, offering a new vision for medicine, and inspiring a new healthcare paradigm for patients in New Jersey, New York, and beyond*. We are revolutionizing healthcare, not by changing the rules and regulations of health insurance policies or government policies; but by effectively changing the way we eat, live, and practice medicine in our society.

For this reason, we consciously have rejected the option of working with health insurance companies, which enforce assembly-line medicine. Their vision of “health” care is in fact “sick” care. With grossly inadequate 15 minute time slots for doctors to see patients, even the most intelligent and compassionate physicians are set up for failure. In this model, the only option is to relieve symptoms, not heal illness. And so patients end up dependent on a never-ending parade of pharmaceuticals and surgeries, in many cases, going from bad to worse with a litany of side-effects – chained to the medical system for a lifetime.

*Providing primary care and lifestyle medicine for patients from all states, and telemedicine care for patients in NJ & NY only.