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Natural Awakenings North Central New Jersey

March 2014

Mar 02, 2014 05:06PM ● By Ana Rincon

Can it really be that spring will arrive soon? As I write this, I still have a snowbank several feet high in front of my house (apparently the end of a cul-de-sac is the best place for municipal snow plows to pile their harvest) and icicles hanging from the eaves. It’s an act of faith on my part to believe that the buds and crocuses will ever burst forth and gardening get under way.

But editorial calendars do not lie. This month we present our annual Food and Garden issue, focused on growing and selectingthe best foods for you and your family.  “Powerhouse Herbs” on page 23 will give you extra motivation to start an herb garden, even if it’s just on your windowsill. Learn how turmeric, plantain, dandelion and ginger can be used to protect against disease and enhance health.  It’s no surprise that interest in local, regional and sustainable foods is here to stay. In “Fresh Food Trends” on page 20, we explore these interests with a closer look at foraging, fermented foods, pasture feeding, and the role that faith plays in food production.

In our Green Living column, we take a look ataquaponics, a method of food cultivation that blends fish farming with soilless gardening to create a mutually beneficial combination of the two. An aquaponic system can be established indoors or out, and for commercial or personal use. Interested? You can experiment with the idea in a 20-gallon aquarium.

If food intolerances plague you or your children, you’ll want to read “Gluten-Free on the Go,” and “Action Plan for Parents: Seven Signs ofFood Sensitivities.” Both articles deliver useful and actionable information to improve your health and quality of life.

Growing our own food or purchasing it at area farms is the best way to ensure that our food is fresh, organic, and local.  And farming and gardening help us achieve emotional and physical balance, connect to the earth, and share with our communities. is a great resource for finding locally grown and marketed food, CSAs, farmers markets, food co-ops, and more.  Logon today to find sources in your area.

Happy Spring!


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