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Rolfing Can Change Lives for the Better

Putting people back in balance is the theory behind the art of Rolfing, which works to break up scar tissue and balance the spine. Rolfing “teaches” the body to realign through proper balance and by getting stressed muscles to relax.  Rolfing’s aim is to break down tight connective tissues to let the muscles become more flexible while the body is realigned and the spine straightened into a more functional mode. In this mode, pain disappears.

Both shoulder problems that stem from the back and thoracic spine and chronic lumbar problems that have caused a person's pelvis to become offset can be helped by Rolfing. Conditions in which restrictions and problems with balance are caused by chronic scar tissue pain after a major surgery can also be alleviated. Many people suffering from chronic problems that have not improved throughother therapies or techniques have shown great improvement through Rolfing. While yoga, chiropractic, and other methods offer pain relief, Rolfing seems to last longer, with many patients returning only once a year for a "tune-up."

Edward Hemberger, a certified Structural Integration specialist, also practices Active Release Therapy, Muscle Release Therapy, and Neuromuscular Therapy. Formerly a massage therapist for several U.S. Olympic squads, he has also worked with local sports franchises and has trained under Dr. Thomas Findley the past nine years as an Advanced Rolfer, working at the North Jersey Pain Management Center in Hackensack and the Veterans Administration Hospital in East Orange. For more information, visit

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